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Trauma Recovery Clinic

A safe place to cope, heal, and grow

The trauma treatment clinic serves individuals who are struggling after experiencing disruptive life event(s). Our work is guided by scientifically-proven principles and we treat each client uniquely based on their individual goals, preferences, and backgrounds.

We can help clients recover from a wide variety of distressing experiences. These include both one-time events and repeated experiences, and they may have happened at any time of life. They may cause symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) such as unwanted memories of the events or avoidance of reminders of the events. Or, they may result in other issues such as anxiety, depression, difficulty managing powerful emotions, substance misuse, or relationship problems. Examples of these life-altering events include:

  • Sexual assault / unwanted sexual experiences
  • #MeToo concerns
  • Physical assault
  • Traumatic physical or brain injury
  • Life-changing medical conditions
  • Identity (e.g. race) – Based Trauma
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Sudden death of a loved one
  • Domestic or interpersonal violence
  • Childhood maltreatment and neglect
  • Transportation accident
  • Reproductive trauma
  • Exposure to violence in the line of duty

We work with you

We understand your background, challenges and goals are unique. Therefore we work collaboratively with you to determine the goals, methods, and course of our work. We incorporate elements of treatments that scientific research have proven to be effective and that are consistent with trauma treatment guidelines. This may include skills training to help you cope, processing traumatic memories to help you heal, and fostering post-traumatic growth to help you live fully. We also work closely with PBH’s physician who offers medication management.

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